Living Proof

Living with Parkinson's

It only takes a few minutes. A wave of symptoms washes over Doug Curtis and the funny, vibrant Calgary playwright shuts down right in front of your eyes, consumed by the disease he has been fighting for over a decade – Parkinson’s. Read More.

Restored Hope

Three years ago, Tony Hiltz lost his driver’s license and his job. He wasn’t able to drive or continue working as a professional chef because he had just been declared legally blind. What started as a routine doctor’s visit for a sinus infection changed dramatically in a few shorts months and left Tony wondering if he would ever be able to get his life back. Read More.

Living with MS

Playing with your children is one of the joys of being a parent. But what if your body won’t let you?

That’s the reality Marie-Claude Park faced just five months after her second child was born. A serious relapse of her Multiple Sclerosis (MS) left her unable to care for her child.

Marie-Claude first suspected something was wrong in 1996, on a drive from Montreal to Toronto. Her legs had started to go numb and she barely made it home. Within one year, she was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS, a form of the disease that is unpredictable and is characterized by painful attacks or flare-ups and rest or remission periods. Read More.

Reaching New Heights

When Sylvain Bédard was told he had a heart, he thought he had won the lottery. The then father of four had been close to deaths door suffering for years from idiopathic cardiomyopathy, a thickening of the blood vessels in the heart. 

Born with the heart condition, Sylvain had seen early on the death sentence he had been given ­– his sister died of the same disease at only 18 years old.  After the death of his sister, Sylvain, then 13 years-old, was tested and confirmed he had the same disease. Read More.

All I See is Hope

Twenty years ago Maureen Smith’s optimism and hopeful outlook was starting to wane. Her body was deteriorating and everyday activities were a struggle. A rare hormonal disorder continued to wreak havoc on her body – as it had since she was born. Read more

Living Life to the Fullest

It was supposed to be a joyful time. It was 1997 and Tannis Charles and her husband Bill had just welcomed their second child, Liam, to the world. But within a very short time Tannis couldn’t do things a mother should be able to do. She couldn’t lift him up or change his diapers. She describes it as “the maternity leave from hell.”  Read more

Living Through Pain

Steven Croucher is like any other 19 year-old. He goes to school, likes to hang out with his friends and see movies. The difference is Steven does all these things in pain. Diagnosed when he was young with neurofibromatosis, Steven lives with neuropathic pain every day.

A genetic disorder, neurofibromatosis causes tumours and lesions to grow on or within the body where nerves are present. At the age of 9, doctors discovered a tumour on Steven’s brain stem – he needed multiple surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. Read More

Barely Surviving to Thriving

Tiko Kerr doesn’t look sick. He’s a healthy, active man who rows four times a week. He defies anyone’s image of a man who has lived with HIV for almost 30 years.

Tiko was diagnosed with HIV in 1985 while living in Australia; he took it as a death sentence. If the virus didn’t kill him, the medication available at that time might. Little was known about HIV when Tiko was diagnosed, medications where only just being researched and the stigma and fear associated with HIV/AIDS where overwhelming.

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